2021: More than 5,000 victims of traffic accidents, according to the annual report of STOP Accident 

The STOP Accident Organization drew up on Monday, January 3 the annual report on traffic accidents. More than 5,000 victims have been recorded. Of these, 740 dead and 4,315 injured for a total of 1,518 traffic accidents across the country. 

The structure took the opportunity to present its weekly report. For the period from December 27, 2021 to January 2, 2022, 43 accidents were recorded. 16 died on the spot and 103 were injured and then transferred to hospital. 

The accidents in 2021 are broken down as follows: For the month of January, 92 accidents were recorded and resulting in 30 deaths; 136 accidents in February with 24 fatalities; 151 in March with 62 dead; 115 in April with 70 dead; 115 in May with 44 dead; 98 in June which left 37 dead; 112 accidents in July with 47 fatalities; August had 183 accidents for 65 deaths; 122 accidents in September with 72 fatalities; 124 in October with 81 dead; 104 in November with 48 deaths and 166 accidents were recorded for the month of December which resulted in the death of 160 people ”. 

STOP Accidents has informed that during the holiday season, traffic accident cases have experienced a sharp increase. 


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