4th edition of Jedi Penti: Successful bet for Wismy Faustin 

La quatrième édition de ‘‘Jedi Penti’’ s’est tenue, comme prévu, les 30 et 31 mars 2022 au Champs-de-mars, sur la place Dessalines. Pour l’occasion, plusieurs dizaines d’amoureux de la peinture et des curieux ont fait le déplacement. Wismy Faustin, le principal pionnier de cet événement – qui établit un lien ferme entre les peintres – s’estime satisfait. 

In an atmosphere of camaraderie, the 4th edition of ''Jedi Penti'' took place over 2 days, this time. Despite the unrest experienced by the capital due to the various political demonstrations, people made the trip as a demonstration of support for this great initiative. Wismy did not hide his satisfaction after the success of the activity. 

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On the way to the 4th edition of “Jedi penti” 

First, for the first day, Wednesday March 30, a training workshop on the importance of craftsmanship in the construction of the human being was organized under the directives of Charles Eronaldo, painter and student at IERAH and Olrich Exantus, visual arts professor at ENARTS.  

The second day was carried out in a much more festive atmosphere with in particular Waya Vodou Flit who provided lively entertainment with traditional music. In addition, there was the creation of a collective painting and painting sessions on jerseys.  

By showing a feeling of satisfaction that the activity took place without incident and that he was able to bring it, as desired, to the most deprived, the native of the city of Soulouquoise invites the public to continue to value this genre of event and asks the Haitian State to take its responsibilities in order to allow tourists to return to take part in cultural activities and buy works of art, among others. 

At the request of several comrades, the 5th edition of ''  Jedi Penti'' will be held in Gonaives or Cap-Haitien. No date has yet been set, informs the painter Wismy Faustin. 

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