In El Salvador, 30,000 gangsters arrested in 50 days 


Salvadoran police said this week that they have put more than 30,000 gang members behind bars since the anti-gang operation launched at the end of March by President Nayib Bukele. 

Following the increase in homicide cases in El Salvador – especially with the murder of 87 people in just 2 days, the Executive had taken the decision to persecute the gangs even in their strongholds. 

The gangs were targeted by the speeches of President Bukele, who launched a major rooting operation in late March, and outlaws have been apprehended every day since. 

On Twitter, the police of El Salvador inform that “on Sunday 15 May 2022, law enforcement arrested 536 terrorists, and since the anti-gang operation, 30,506 individuals have been apprehended for their gang affiliations.” 


This broad provision has earned President Nayib Bukele international criticism, particularly from the United States, and from human rights organizations. Nayib Bukele turned deaf-mute to continue his fight against crime on his territory. 

Recall that at the request of the Salvadoran head of state, parliament had decreed an exceptional law allowing the imprisonment of all gang members without a court order. 

Also, this same law authorizes the increase of the prison sentence for any person affiliated with a gang, and can go up to 45 years in prison. 

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