Baky finally reveals the release date of his double album 

Waiting for some time, Baky Popilè's album project will finally see the light of day. In a publication through social networks this Friday, April 29, the rapper from Les Cayes announced the release of his new project, a double album, for May 7 and 8. A project that has been postponed several times before today's announcement. 

"Rap ap ret Rap" and "Chante ap ret Chante" are the two titles offered by the artist through this double album project, the releases of which are scheduled for May 7 and May 8, 2022 respectively. This long-awaited project will finally be presented to the Haitian public, mainly Popilè fans who have been waiting for it for ages. 

Composed of twelve tracks, including six on each of these two albums, Baky promises to present to the public two different versions of his talent as an artist through these twelve beats. “2 albums; 2 different experiences,” he wrote on his Facebook page. 

If the first album “Rap ap ret Rap” presents the “Pure Rap” part of the artist, the second will offer a much more flexible version through sounds, styles and also voices. “Chante ap ret Chante” will undoubtedly offer a marriage of musical rhythms, mainly the compass. 

According to our information, several artists, particularly from this new Haitian musical generation, have been invited to collaborate on the project. Among which, Tafa Mi-soley, Medjy enposib, Steeve J Bryan, Kenny Haiti, Oswald, Charlin Bateau, K-dalilak ect.. 

The release of this new project “Rap ap ret Rap” and “Chante ap ret Chante” will not only please his fans, who since 2021 were impatient for the release of this album, but also silence his detractors who believed that the artist had fallen into disuse. 

At the time of this announcement, mainly well received by his fans, Popilè especially thought of addressing a few words to his faithful fanatics, who never abandoned him. “M konnen nou pa t ka tann, mèsi pou pasyans nou”, can we read on his facebook page. 

Remember that, “Rap ap ret Rap, Chante ap rete” comes from his controversy with singer Roody Roodboy in 2017 where, through his music “Doub Blan”, had clearly told Roodboy that Rap was not his style and that he had no chance of succeeding as a rapper. 

WRITER: Soph-Edson Vladjemmy Jean Baptiste 


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