Unlike Haiti, the Gabonese state is cracking down on sexual predators in sports  

French journalist Romain Molina is teaming up with renowned English newspaper The Guardian to unmask sexual predators in sports circles around the world. In Haiti, Yves Jean-Bart alias Dadou was accused, in an investigation published by the newspaper in May 2020, of sexual abuse of players staying in the FIFA Goal center in Croix-des-Bouques. In Gabon, the daily The Guardian also made similar revelations about senior executives in the Gabonese sports community, in an article published on December 16. Unlike Haiti, Gabon has cracked down on sexual predators.  

After the revelations of The Guardian in Gabon, at least four top filthy Gabonese sportsmen, who are accused of proven cases of sexual touching on young Gabonese footballers and athletes were arrested by the police. 

Patrick Assoumou Eyi, the former national under-17 coach and former technical director of the Estuaire football league, was arrested while trying to flee on December 20. According to The Guardian, he allegedly raped hundreds of young people. 

While pursued by investigators, a former former coach was surprised on Christmas Day with two young people, aged 14 and 16 respectively, in a hotel room. He was arrested and then brought before the competent authorities leading cases of sexual abuse. The two children have been released, according to what RFI reported. 

Orphé Mickala, trainer of TP Akwembé was also arrested. Frequently cited in the pedophilia scandal triggered by the London newspaper The Guardian, he decided to surrender to the police who were starting to prowl around his home, informed the French daily Rfi. 


Unlike Gabon which takes sanctions against men, who are supposed to be there to protect young people, by their positions, abuse them, Haiti has only protected them. What about Dadou Jean Bart? The former president of the Haitian Football Federation has disappeared from radar screens since he was banned from all sporting activities by FIFA, after an investigation by the football structure concluding that The Guardian's revelations are true. 

Besides his banishment, He was ordered to pay a fine of one million hundred thousand dollars. Other Haitian football executives, who have been accused of sexual abuse, have also been fined by FIFA sanctions. 

To everyone's amazement, a few hours after FIFA's decision, or within 24 hours of it, the Croix-des-Bouquets prosecutor's office decided not to prosecute the former boss of the Haitian federation of Football for lack of evidence.  

On the other hand, the victims have been threatened not to bring complaints against Dadou and other individuals who have committed sexual abuse for more than twenty years on young people in Haitian football. 

The Dadou Jean Bart case is not the only pending case in society that has been cleared by Haitian justice. We remember the case of Woodly Éthéart alias Sonson Familia who was cleared of acts of kidnapping and assassination by judge Lamarre Bélizaire. 

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