COVID-19: 300 million cases, for more than 5 million deaths worldwide 

COVID-19 : 300 millions de cas, pour plus de 5 millions de décès à travers le monde 
COVID-19: 300 million cases, for more than 5 million deaths worldwide 

COVID-19-related infections across the world surpassed 300 million cases, leading to more than 5 million deaths, on Friday, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University. 

The number of Covid-19 infections discovered has reached 300,338,680 cases. That number could be much higher, due to the number of unrecorded cases, scientists reveal. 

Research shows that the world's first 100 million infections were reached by the end of January 2021, just over a year after the disease was discovered. This figure has doubled in seven months, affecting 200 million people at the beginning of August last. 

The Coronavirus has hit the United States hard. In relation to the number of cases, the country tops the list with the highest incidence, at 57.7 million, followed by India with 31.1 million, Brazil with 22.3, the United Kingdom with 13.9, France with 11 and Russia with 10.4 million. 


Still according to data from Johns Hopkins, worldwide, the number of deaths stands at 5,472,939, a total of 833,988 deaths are recorded in the United States, followed by Brazil 619,654, India 483,178, Russia 307,488, and Mexico 299,970. 

Likewise, among the most affected countries, with a higher incidence of death relative to the number of cases, are Yemen (19.6 %), Peru (8.8 %), Mexico (7.4 % ), Sudan (7.1 %) and Ecuador (6.1 %). 

Recall that according to the University report the number of vaccine doses already administered worldwide is estimated at 9.345 billion.

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