Danola Antoine, named second ambassador of the BNC

Banque Nationale de Crédit (BNC) has appointed the talented young Haitian singer Danola Antoine, one of the emblematic figures of the Haitian music industry as second ambassador alongside the singer of the group Harmonik, Mackendy Talon, dit Mac D. This appointment aims to strengthen the image of the said institution in Haiti and abroad.

The interpreter of “Premye fwa”, “Black Bird”, “Me love the way”, “Si demen” and “De Twa Jou”, is named new ambassador of the BNC. Danola joins Mackendy Talon aka Mac D at this post.

As Sophia Sherine Huit had said: “Youth is the hope of tomorrow”. The banking institution renews its belief in an educated youth for a better vision of Haiti.

A 24-year-old Civil Engineering student, the female artist began her musical career in 2017. In fact, with a marked preference for World Music and Trap, she gladdens the hearts of her music lovers with her voice and clarity. of his style. She performs her own songs and also collaborates with other Haitian artists like Roody Roodboy and Kanis.

The future of the young Danola is very promising. Besides, she has already made a name for herself on the music scene. To express her feelings, through her tubes, she deals with subjects based on love and patriotism in order to raise awareness among Haitian youth.

In this sense, the BNC said it was proud to welcome Danola Antoine into its large family; one of the rising stars of the Haitian musical sphere as second ambassador, alongside Mac D, the singer of the group Harmonik.

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