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Another day of tension in Port-au-Prince

  • The Haitian capital once again woke up under tension this Monday, October 7, 2019, burning tires and barricades were erected across several streets, including national roads No. 1 and 2

Faced with these movements of protests against the power in place for about 4 weeks, commercial companies are operating at a slow pace, the doors of schools remain almost closed and this since the week of September 9.

In downtown Port-au-Prince, flaming tires are strewn in the streets and hooded individuals traveling on motorcycles have been noticed.

Public transport drivers timidly provide journeys on the Delmas highway and several service stations remain closed.

At the level of Delmas 47 and Delmas 105 not far from the old cemetery of the town of Pétion-Ville, barricades of flaming tires are stored on the road. Individuals throw stones at vehicles, taking this road axis.

Also Pétion-Ville, in particular in the rue Grégoire, near the tribunal de Paix, the remains of charred tires and refuse are strewn on the roadway.


Agents from several specialized units of the Haitian National Police (PNH) were noticed in several places in the metropolitan region of Port-au-Prince.


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