Between Djakout #1 and Jean Yves Toussaint, the public still in the dark 

between djakout #1 and jean yves toussaint, the public still in the dark 

The musical group Djakout #1 has been the main attraction on social networks for more than a week. Rumors circulating through the web since then claim that one of the singers of the group Djakout #1, Jean Yves Toussaint, would have been put aside by the management of the group. Sunday, April 15, at the Haitian Compas Festival, Rolls Lainé, one of the influential members of Djakout #1, did not elucidate this subject which is making headlines through social networks, still leaving the public in the dark. 

Asked by the musical host Guy Wewe, Rolls Lainé preferred to avoid the journalist's question concerning the non-presence on stage of Jean Yves Toussaint, said Ti chantè with the musical group. The percussionist said that "the moment was badly chosen" to comment on a subject, which for about two weeks has held the news of the Haitian Konpa. 


According to Gary Pierre Paul Charles, “Jean Yves Toussaint, the new singer of Djakout #1, expelled from La familia for indiscipline, disrespect and betrayal. According to some musicians, Ti sang with a big head since the release of the video "Se mwen l ye". Se “Nou l ye” said the other”, he wrote on Twitter on Monday. 

If he did not clearly comment on the current situation of the artist within the group, Rolls Lainé nevertheless affirmed that certain things had really happened within this musical formation. “There was a small slip, a small drift […] which had caused a lot of talk through the media…”, declared the manager of Djakout #1 at the microphone of Guy Wewe. 

Remember that on April 29, Jean Yves Toussaint had already had a disappointment at El Rancho during a performance by Djakout #1. At the time of the performance of the musical group, the presence of Ti Chantè was not noticed alongside Pouchon and Polo, the two other singers of the group, although the availability of a third microphone. An incident arising from the fact that the singer did not participate in the last rehearsals of the group. 

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