Foot-Sanction: Heavy fine for Baltimore SC

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On the occasion of the late matches of the Haitian professional football championship (CHFP), the championship management commission had decided to cancel the 13th day to make room for the many late matches, among them, there is the Juventus FC des Cayes which was going to host the Baltimore SC of Saint-Marc at Land Des Gabions on Sunday, November 15, 2020.

A meeting that had not taken place due to delay on the Saint Marcois side, since the match would have scheduled for 3h and despite everything the Baltimore SC arrived almost half an hour later, so Juventus FC des Cayes had hinted that she was not playing the 35-35 game as indicated in the championship rules.

Despite so much Saint-Marcoise insistence, the Cayens remain firm in their decisions. COCHAFOP learned the news and decided, here is a heavy sanction was imposed, according to article 6.04 of the regulations of the championship, on the Baltimore SC which will pay 25,000 gourdes in fines, the hardest in all that, it ' is that the game is rescheduled for Wednesday November 18, 2020 at Land Des Gabions at 3:00 PM.

plisminit Foot Sanction : Lourde amende pour le Baltimore SC

Hopefully the Baltimore SC in Saint-Marc can arrive on time, so as not to lose the game on the green carpet.

Pierre Marc Charles / Yedasportshaiti

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