Arrest of 6 suspected bandits by the PNH

Following an operation carried out in the locality of Rosembert, Bon Repos, this Wednesday, October 20, the National Police of Haiti possessed the arrest of 6 individuals who would be part of a gang of the commune of Croix-des-bouquets . 

Indeed, the PNH announced on his Facebook page the arrest of the named Clarens Morreau, aged 18; Djeffny Laguerre, aged 20; Peter Cangé 22 years old; Fredelin Jean Baptiste 24 years old; Jean Yves Destiné 28 years old and Bellevue Jean Renel 36 years old. The latter are arrested for their alleged involvement in acts of kidnappings and criminal association. 

According to the publication of the PNH, citing public outcry, these individuals are members of a gang that is spreading terror in the area, with Patrick, as well known, as the main leader. These arrests are made at a time when the inhabitants of the commune of Cross-bouquets live an ordeal because of insecurity. 



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Peterson Dorsainvil
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