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Kale Je w, another strong message from rapper Blaze One


The committed rapper, Senora Élizé alias Blaze One, struck again, with a new clip, Kale Je w, unlike his LÈT KONSYANS, which he should have revised before its publication, he decided to approach the problems under another angle and touched on a few points with a little more awareness and realism.

In this new tube whose images of the clip coincide a lot with the speech held by the artist, Blaze One highlights the many problems of the Haitian people. Nor did he set aside the innumerable problems of justice and its corrupt elements.

He did not discount, he openly attacked those who use the name of the people to make a name for themselves and offer themselves a little corner or quench their thirst in the corrupt source which attracts a lot of character miserly and vicious. These bars are arrows launched against each citizen, of each stratum, or class of the Haitian community.

The rapper also attacks all those who denounce and cast the wrongs of one group or individual on another while we are all responsible for the current chaos that Haiti is currently experiencing. He also attacks the profiteers of the movement Dèyè Barikad : ” Ti rès la plan woulib sou grenadye pandan l pa alaso “.

Blaze one, in Kale I w, encourages Haitians to get serious about real issues, because they know where to go and who they need to unmask. It touches on the subject of the disappearance ofHasco (Haitian American Sugar Company) disappeared in April 1987. He exposed the underhanded policy and diplomacy of the international community with Haiti.


The middle class is not spared, Blaze One accuses it of passivity and reminds each of its elements that insecurity spares no one. He really leaves nothing to chance, he tackles the problem of the depreciation of the value of the gourd, he denounces the business sector, the bourgeois who have destroyed national production and who today are the biggest distributors of food provisions .

He once again invites Haitians to rise up, to revolt against the oligarchs who are used to putting pressure on elected presidents. In this same logic, he took the opportunity to tackle the new clan in power: “Ankèt Jovenel pral fase si Ariel ka chiffon“, and he shook Martine Moïse a little, while advising those who want to make their political capital on the disappearance of Jovenel Moïse: “All vle kandida sou san Jovenel la”, with this same sentence, the artist explains that the elections cannot take place if justice has not been done to Jovenel Moise.

He reminds the militants in power who apply a lobbyist policy by squandering millions while the people of Martissant are constantly being murdered by armed gangs. To express the cruelty of these insensitive beings who run the country, Blaze One would like them to be awarded a Nobel Prize for Crime.

As hard as he used to go, Blaze One also openly went after the self-proclaimed advocate of the people who tried to trick the people into getting a place to get rich in the world. world of corruption in government: “Nou koz andré michel ka fè akò pou gaspiye avni n“.

This work is a bitter assessment of a Haiti ravaged by accumulated crises, faced with the incapacity of some and the lack of will of the leaders. It is a very sad reality and Haiti has made it the subject of its daily history. 

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