Kemi Seba, dazzled by the vibrant tribute of Haitian sculptor Borgella Dumond 

A few days after his portrait was sculpted by the Haitian artist Borgella Dumond, Kemi Seba expressed, this Thursday, his deep gratitude and appreciation for this masterpiece that was offered to him. 

Through social networks, the Franco-Beninese activist says he received this work of art from the talented Haitian sculptor with tears in his eyes. This bust sculpted by the young artist, presents Kemi Seba, with an African necklace around his neck, wearing on his chest the part of the world map representing the African continent. 

“I never accept prizes. But when I see this treasure coming from the Mecca of the Black cause that is Haiti, I can only say, with tears in my eyes, THANK YOU,” Kemi Seba said on social media on May 6. Haiti, like all countries of the South, has often been defended by the African militant in the face of Western domination. 

Borgella Dumond, a former student of ENARTS, had sculpted on May 1st, the portrait of the African activist in tribute to all his struggles for the Black cause and for the countries of the South around the world. Kemi Seba has become for several years a symbol of the emancipation of African peoples, especially among African youth in Africa or abroad. 


“Honor and merit to Kemi Seba for his involvement in the struggle for the emergence of countries in the South. “La grandeur Noire” “, declared the artist Dumond at the time of the presentation of this masterpiece to the general public through social networks. 

Kemi Seba, despite his great popularity enjoys among African youth, is not at all well regarded by some African governments. In December 2019, he was arrested in Burkina Faso by the gendarmerie, before young Burkinabé people forced his release. Less than two years later, on October 29, 2021, he was again arrested in Burkina Faso, before being expelled from the country. 

To recall that, in July 2021, Kemi Seba came to Haiti, in particular to the town of Jacmel to present himself to young people in order to be able to motivate them to rise up against the corruption which plagues the country on a daily basis and which jeopardizes its development. . 

WRITER: Jacky Chery 


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