Kidnapping: Pierre Esperance points the finger at the Haitian Minister of Justice, Liszt Quitel    

The head of the human rights defense structure RNDDH, Pierre Esperance, accuses the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Liszt Quitel of being involved in the kidnapping of Pastor Jean Marry Ferrer Michel, then demand his resignation at the head of the ministry he heads to make himself available to the police authorities.  

 The Executive Director of RNDDH, Pierre Espérance demands the resignation of the Minister of the Interior,Liszt Quitel for his possible involvement in the rapture of the pastor Jean Pierre F. Michel, which will make it easier to DCPJ to question Mr. Quitel hinted P. Esperance, Radio Tele Metronome Report in a publication on his Twitter account. 

Recall that the pastor Jean Mary Ferrer Michel, founding member of the “Jesus Center” church of Delmas 29, was kidnapped on Sunday, October 3 at the entrance of the church, by armed men dressed in police uniforms had reported the witnesses of the act. 

“According to a source close to the Jesus Center church, who requested anonymity, told Wednesday. RHINEWS, a local media, that it is Liszt Quitel who would have kidnapped the pastor to whom he is however very close. “They have a good relationship. The pastor helped a lot Liszt Quitel on many occasions, ”we read in an article published Wednesday, October 20 in the columns of RHINEWS. 

Note that since the assassination of President Haitian, Jovenel Moses, which occurred on July 7th the Haitian people are on their knees in the face of a spiral of violence: cheap murder, rape, kidnappings for ransom, have become the daily life of the Caribbean nation. In one week, Haiti recorded 30 cases of kidnappings, reports humanitarian action for the defense of human rights. On Saturday October 16, a police officer from the Narcotics Trafficking Brigade (BLTS) was killed in Port-au-Prince while he and his teammates were trying to foil a kidnapping. 

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