The Grand Premiere of the film “Vakans” is scheduled for February 14, 2022

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Already several months since the Olivier brothers, Sandro and Yani Martelly launched a promotion for the film Vakans, a feature film in which the singer Rutshelle Guillaume interprets the character of Mariza alongside the Martelly brothers. 

Originally, Vakans is a film project whose executive producer is Olivier Martelly, Big O. Dominique Télémaque directed the film and it is his first feature film. If we are to believe what Télémarque says, the project took two weeks to complete.

Vakans is the story of three brothers Michel, Paul and Fabrice (Olivier, Sandro and Yani Martelly) gone on vacation and suddenly one of them finds himself in the middle of a relationship with Mariza (Rutshelle), the servant. The situation becomes complicated, because the adventure of Michel, the eldest of the brothers, completely changes the plans of the two young brothers. Jenny's arrival (Thaina Corvington) will make things worse, a war is coming and Mariza will be at the heart of it all.  


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The promotion wave of the team of Big O created a crazy desire to see this new film. The cast and crew members raved about the film's feats quite a bit:
"You have to go see the film... What local cinema is... You have to judge what it is and so that we can continue to make better films", Thaina Corvington.

" Vakans is one of the most beautiful films that Haitian moviegoers will have to consume,” Dominique Télémarque.

The big premiere is scheduled for February 14, 2022, it is possible to pre-order it too. In less than a month, Vakans will be available and critics will be able to assess whether the film is truly worth the magnitude of its promotion. They did it for you, to use the words of Rutshelle Guillaume, you have to see it to know...

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