The resumption of mobilizations for the workers' unions 

According to officials of trade union organizations in the labor sector, from May 1 and 2, mobilizations will resume across the country to continue to demand 1,500 gourdes as the minimum wage and better working conditions, after the government's broken promises. . 

In a press conference dated Thursday, April 21, 2022, leaders of trade union associations in the assembly industries announced that they will push back the macadam in the streets of the capital, on the occasion of the International Labor Day. on May 1, to continue to demand from the authorities 1500 gourdes as minimum wage. 

Thélémaque Pierre, one of the trade unionists, severely criticizes the Haitian State for having continued to collect individual income tax (IRI) on workers who have difficulty meeting the necessary needs in relation to the high cost of life. According to him, the government should not have taken this money since, “the workers do not even have access to basic needs”, he said. 

“Following a few meetings, the government had promised, through the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, to grant the workers a debit card, with the aim of enabling them to ensure transportation and food every months, but unfortunately the government has not kept any of these promises” said Mr. Pierre  

According to the trade unionist, this movement will also serve to push the government to react to the insecurity on the national territory, by also denouncing the passivity of the latter in the face of the deterioration of the country in terms of security.   

With this in mind, trade unionists invite all sections of society affected by the current situation in the country to join them in this mobilization which will begin near SONAPI and end in Musseau, in front of the official residence of Prime Minister Ariel Henry. 

Remember that last February there were several thousand of them on the streets of the capital, to demand a salary increase from the government to help them meet the cost of living. During these demonstrations, several people were injured and one death had been recorded. 

EDITOR: Mackendy Filderice 


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