The Dominican Republic could welcome Miss Universe very soon  

The 71st edition of Miss Universe could take place in the Dominican Republic. A meeting between event organizers and Dominican Tourism Minister David Collado is taking place, international media reported. 

The event's public marketing committee spoke with CNN executives, Dominican Tourism Minister David Collado, and Miss Universe organization president Paula Shugart, Glam Star magazine reports.

The president of entertainment and content strategy for NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises, Ronald Day, took part in the exchanges – being this chain which transmits the event in Latin America.  

As a reminder, the neighboring republic had already hosted Miss Universe in the past. In 1977, Miss Universe took place in the DR. The winner: Janelle Comminsiong, from Trinidad and Tobago.


More than 500 million viewers in more than 190 territories around the world watch this great beauty pageant. Miss Universe was first televised in 1955.

WRITER: Pooshy Rosana 


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