Turkey threatens to block Sweden and Finland from joining NATO 

photo: Le Temps

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine last February, some European countries want to join the military Alliance of the North Atlantic Treaty as soon as possible. Sweden and Finland have, in recent weeks, openly expressed their desire to join NATO. Faced with this reality, Turkey, a member of this alliance for 70 years, threatens to block the accession of these two countries to the NATO military Alliance. 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdongan expressed this Friday, May 14, 2022, to the media, his position on Sweden and Finland's application for membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Military Alliance. The Turkish head of state, in undiplomatic language, says that it would be a mistake if these two countries manage to join NATO. 

“We are not in favor of it”, “Turkey does not want to make the same mistake twice”, regarding Greece's last accession to the Alliance. 


Recep Tayyip Erdongan notably criticized Sweden and Finland for serving as a "hostel for PKK terrorists", the Kurdistan Workers' Party, considered a terrorist organization by Ankara, but also by the European Union and the United States. United. 

Turkey, equipped with a right of veto like all the other member states of the Alliance, can use it to oppose any accession of these states to NATO. Despite the will of a large part of the other members of this alliance, if Sweden and Finland do not manage to find the favorable opinion of all the member countries of NATO, membership cannot be possible. 

Aware of the situation, the two countries want to talk to Turkey this weekend during a meeting of foreign ministers of NATO member countries in Berlin. 

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