Former gospel singer, Jotta A. officially changes gender 

In an Instagram post, Jotta A. said he was taking legal action to change his name on his birth certificate 

The 24-year-old singer, Jotta A. took to social media on Monday, April 11, to reveal he was taking legal action to change his name on his birth certificate. The artist became known throughout the world during his adolescence, on the show “Jovens Talentos” (Young Talents), on the Raul Gil program, on SBT. 

“The process takes a bit of time, due to the details and protocols. And in my condition, since I was born in Gaujará-mirim-Rondônia, it becomes even more difficult for me, from the point of view of those who live in the southeast of the country,” Jotta explained, in an Instagram post. 

The pronoun used for Jotta will now be "Elle" due to her gender reassignment, and the artist has chosen to continue with the same stage name Jotta.  

“As well as being a way of always being linked to my story, I also believe it would be difficult to rehabilitate my little nephews so that they stop calling me Aunt Jotta, that's how they call me. 'lovingly called for a few months now,' read the artist's post. 

My middle name, I will share it soon, but I guess it will symbolize the subtlety of what I feel, added Jotta. The singer, now a singer, also said that starting over is not an easy process. “But I'm happy, because I'm going through this whole process. Glad to have so many people who support me and believe in me in this new stage”, he (she) concluded. Nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2014, in competition for the best Christian music album in the Portuguese language. Jotta has a career in gospel music. Her latest single “Pessoa Certa”, is a partnership launched with drag queen Aretuza Lovi. 



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