The Canadian government donates $3 million to the Fabienne Colas Foundation  

In the interest of increasing black talent in the Canadian film and television industry, Canadian authorities are granting $3 million to the Fabienne Colas Foundation this Wednesday, February 9. This donation will allow the foundation to set up the new ''Festwave'' Institute. 

In order to update some black entrepreneurs in the film and television industry, the Fabienne Colas Foundation (FFC) in conjunction with the support of the Government of Canada's Ecosystem Fund notified the general public this Wednesday, the launch of the Institute Festwave which will ensure a new structure in the film and television industry. 

The Fabienne Colas Foundation is a non-profit artistic organization, whose mission is to advance education in the field of the arts as well as to support the creation, production, promotion and distribution of Cinema, Art and of Culture in Canada, the United States, Haiti and elsewhere. 

The said Foundation is concerned about the new generation of film and television professionals. As a result, it will make available a spacious program so that it can more or less serve the previous generation. "After 17 years of social, cultural and economic impact in Canada and around the world, welcoming more than 2 million festival-goers, supporting and presenting more than 5,000 artists, granting scholarships and of excellence to film professionals", she said. 

In addition, the said institution took the opportunity to disclose its contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) in Canada, which is estimated at $12.8 billion per year and a workforce of 170,000 people who benefit from full-time employment. . According to a Canadian government statistic, 52 % of Canadian artists and creative industry workers are self-employed, compared to only 12 % of all Canadian workers. 

Importance of cinema in a society   

In an environment where there are human beings, the cinema brings many sensations with themes that can address the end of life, death, certain illnesses. In addition, the cinema also contributes to the maintenance of cognitive functions and makes it possible to maintain a dynamic rhythm of life, open to the outside; a hobby that fulfills and brings people together. 

According to what the founder of the Institute reported Festwave of the said Foundation, Fabienne Colas, the idea of setting in motion the Institute Festwave is a long-term dream that will allow everyone to know and have a look at the reality of Canadian culture through the screen and behind the camera. "Cinema is a means of representing reality, of amplifying voices and the sector contributes greatly to our country", she confirms. 

Since its creation in 2005, with the aim of respecting its mission and satisfying its fans and artists, the Fabienne Colas Foundation has set up 12 festivals and programs aimed at breaking down barriers, celebrating diversity, promoting conviviality, understanding and inclusion. Its festivals have exposed and supported approximately 5,000 artists and fascinated millions of festival-goers in Canada, the United States, Haiti, Brazil, etc. 

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Stevinsonne Jeune
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