The Haitian government adopts a new budget of 210.5 billion gourdes 

lPatrick Boisvert photo: Le Nouvelliste
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The Ministry of Economy and Finance adopted this Thursday, May 12, 2022 a budget four months from the end of the fiscal year. The general envelope amounts to 210.5 billion gourdes, including 141.9 billion gourdes for operations and 38.4 billion gourdes for investment. 

Indeed, the government authorities have approved in the Council of Ministers a budget of 210.5 billion gourdes, four months from the end of the current fiscal year. The resources of the general budget for the fiscal year during the year 2021 to 2022, amount to 210.5 billion which are distributed as follows: 57% of current revenue. Of the 120 billion in current revenue, 59.3% (71.2 billion) come from internal revenue and 40.7% (49.8 billion) from customs revenue, according to available information. 

According to Minister Patrick Boisvert, the Haitian government is counting on budget support of around 4.6 billion gourdes. In addition, donations and loans up to 19.6 billion gourdes. A budget that will be financed by the central bank (BRH) up to 46.47 billion gourdes, the distribution of which will be as follows: 141. 9 billion gourdes for operation, 38.4 billion gourdes for investment. 

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