The Japanese government donates several vehicles to the Haitian National Police 

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The Haitian National Police received on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, a batch of vehicles from the Japanese government through its Embassy in Port-au-Prince. 

With a view to fighting fire, banditry and insecurity in Haiti, the Japanese Ambassador to Haiti, Yuji KUBO, handed over several vehicles to the Haitian police authorities, including ambulances and fire-fighting tankers, in royalty from a partnership that governs existing cooperation between Haiti and Japan. 

The bilateral relationship that exists between Haiti and Japan has developed gradually since 1956, this friendly and cooperative relationship is expanding by highlighting the Embassies of these two countries. In particular, a stability outside of political and international problems between the two countries produces a good bilateral and cooperative relationship with international stakes. 

“The Haitian National Police received this Tuesday, December 21, 2021, a batch of rolling stock from the Japanese Ambassador to Haiti. This donation of vehicles made up of ambulances and fire-fighting tankers is proof of a Frank partnership that stems from the existing cooperation between the two countries ”, we read on the Facebook page of the police institution. 


According to the Japanese Ambassador to Haiti, Yuji KUBO, this initiative was taken in order to help the Republic of Haiti to increase its fire department and the ambulance center, in order to reduce the loss of human life. "We take for example the murderous drama which vandalized the city of Cape Town on December 14 of the year 2021", raised the Japanese emissary during his speech. So this rolling stock support is financed by Japan at a sum of 571,000 US dollars. 

In addition, during this ceremony of handing over these materials held on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, several authorities from the Haitian government were present, such as the commander-in-chief ai of the National Police of Haiti, Frantz Elbé, and the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Berto Dorcé. They took the opportunity to thank and congratulate the Japanese authorities for their look towards Haitian society, more precisely to the police institution. 

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