The working group on security (GTS) demands an investigation into the tragedy of Cap-Haitien 

The Security Working Group (GTS) demands an investigation to determine the circumstances and causes of the explosion, on the night of December 13 to 14, of a tanker transporting gasoline in the city of Cape Town. Haitian, in a note dated December 15, 2021. 

Indeed the GTS has ordered an investigation to determine the circumstances and causes of this terrible tragedy causing the death of more than 70 people and several dozen injured, as well as about forty burned houses. It should be noted that the wounded receive care in the Justinian hospitals, the Baptist convention and the Sacred Heart of Milot in the north of the country. 

Beyond the generalized insecurity, this drama experienced by the second city of the country has just added to a long list of tragedies that have happened throughout the year of 2021 throughout the country. Several fires have been recorded, due to poor management of the state of petroleum products. 

At a time when the price of the rare product has just increased and especially the repetitive lack of petroleum product on the Haitian market in recent times. 

On the other hand, the working group on security is calling for the establishment of a commission of inquiry to shed light on the conditions of the transport of petroleum products across the country, on the opaque authorizations granted to numerous owners of gas stations in residential areas. 

But also on the security conditions in relation to the storage, transport and distribution of petroleum products and any other factor putting citizens in danger of death. 

In addition, the GTS salutes the effort of the rescue and intervention teams, particularly the civil protection which is mobilizing immediately, said the group from civil society in order to put pressure on the local and international authorities to improving the security of Haitian territory. 

As a reminder, Prime Minister Ariel Henry had decreed three days of national mourning on December 15, 16 and 17, 2021 throughout the country. And announced measures to the national funeral organization of deceased compatriots. 





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