Netflix account password sharing may become paid soon

Sharing Netflix account passwords with a loved one outside the primary subscriber's household is commonplace. This situation would prevent the American streaming platform from making a good profit, because the number of users greatly exceeds the number of subscribers. To overcome this problem, the platform intends to charge for sharing passwords. 

On Wednesday, March 16, Netflix announced changes to its Terms of Service and testing the ability to charge subscribers for sharing passwords. These tests will be carried out for the moment in three countries: Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. Subscribers will incur a fee on top of their monthly subscription (approximately $3 in Chile, $2.99 in Costa Rica, and approximately $2.12 in Peru) to add up to two additional accounts to their profile.  

According to Chengyi Long, director of product innovation at Netflix, password sharing, while popular, has created confusion about when and how Netflix can be used. She points out that the fact that accounts are shared in this way affects their ability to invest in quality series and films for members. 

A service to transfer a profile to a new account will also be offered in the test countries, in order to encourage the beneficiaries of password sharing to have their own subscription. 

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Sam Sarah Devilus
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