Dominican President Luis Abinader announces the cancellation of the restrictive measures imposed because of Covid-19

Le président Dominicain, Luis Abinader annonce l'annulation des mesures de restrictions imposées à cause de la Covid-19

This Wednesday evening, February 16, Dominican President Luis Abinader announced the cancellation of all the restrictive measures imposed because of Covid-19 in the country, the Diario Libre newspaper reported.

One year after the launch of the national vaccination plan which – according to President Abinader – was a great collective victory, with 5,844,147 citizens vaccinated with at least two doses of the vaccine against respiratory diseases, 2,528 active cases of coronavirus, a positivity in the last four weeks at 10.24 %, a lethality of 0.76 % and a considerable drop in hospital attendance, Luis Abinader cancels all the restrictive measures imposed in the country since the appearance of Covid-19 on Dominican territory. Caring for the virus now becomes an individual choice.

“After this long battle, we started to regain our freedom. From now on, we must all take care of ourselves, responsibly, but without restriction. The government has done the right thing to protect our people and time has proven us right in our actions against the pandemic,” President Abinader said.

The restrictive measures imposed by the Dominican government since the arrival of the pandemic on their territory were: the compulsory use of the mask, the presentation of the vaccination card to access public and private spaces, as well as restrictions in public spaces. .

President Luis Abinader did not fail to thank the Dominican medical personnel who have always provided their services since the appearance of the virus to guarantee the health of every citizen. He also thanked the Dominicans who respected the restrictions and who got vaccinated.

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