Disgruntled SDP threatens to abandon 9/11 Accord

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As Me André Michel announced on social networks, this Thursday, May 12, 2022, the Democratic and Popular Sector (SDP) organized a press conference during which the leaders of the sector threatened to abandon the September 11, 2021, if and only if, the decentralized public bodies of the State, the Haitian diplomacy as well as the local authorities still remain under the control of the PHTK regime.  

Indeed, the former elected Nippes, Nenel Cassy, demands a better redistribution of decentralized bodies and local authorities, general management, during a press conference held in the headquarters of the Democratic and Popular Sector in Delmas 75, this Thursday, May 12, 2022.  

The politician threatens to abandon the Musseau Agreement, this Agreement which marked a promiscuity between the head of government, Prime Minister Ariel Henry, and the main opponents of former President Jovenel Moïse. Former Senator Nenel Cassy denounces the fact that all public administration is under the control of the PHTK regime.  

“The PHTK regime and government accomplices maintain the status quo,” asserted Nenel Cassy, saying that if this situation does not change, the leaders of the Democratic and Popular Sector will abandon the Agreement of September 11, 2022, not to be complicit when the PHTK returns to power.  

Moreover, the leaders of the SDP claim that the PHTK plays a role in the growing insecurity in the country. “The PHTK regime is using insecurity as a way to hold the country hostage, while preparing for elections,” said former Senator Nenel Cassy, informing that the SDP strictly opposes this decision.  

“The climate does not lend itself to it, the holding of electoral contests depends on a favorable security climate, sharing of responsibilities in the management of public administration and the development of a social appeasement program to relieve the population. ", he added.  

As for the spokesman of the SDP, Me André Michel, victim of physical aggression on the night of April 29 to 30, in Pétion-ville, contradicts the information according to which he was shot to death and disfigured. However, the political activist confirms the fact that mulattoes attacked him following an altercation, but his robust health resisted the attackers.  

The Lawyer took the opportunity to compliment the National Police for the efforts made to fight against insecurity in the country, and asks the Haitian people to support the institution in their fight to dislodge the armed bandits and the banditry which , according to the SDP spokesperson, is a creation of the PHTK.  

“Either we support the police or we support the armed gangs,” he concluded. 

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