The image of the African-American poet and activist Maya Angelou appears on the 25-cent coins 

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A great first in the United States!! As part of a series called "Prominent American women" aimed at honoring several women of various origins who have marked their time and work to build a better tomorrow, coins will be made with their effigy, following to a vote in Congress, at the end of 2020, on a bill by the elected California Democrat Barbara Lee. 

The poet and activist Maya Angelou is the first to be honored in this way: her portrait appears on the 25-cent coins. These are not collectibles at all, but pieces that will be produced in large numbers and intended for everyday use.  

The effigy of the African-American poet and activist Maya Angelou appears on the 25-cent coins

The 25-cent coin, the most used coin in the United States, had been entitled to only a few rare alternative versions since 1932: 50 coins representing each of the American states, at the beginning of the 2000s, and another highlighting honor national parks and sites, from 2010 to 2021. 

The new coin depicts Maya Angelou with outstretched arms, behind her a bird and a rising sun. On the other side is, in keeping with tradition, the portrait of the first President of the United States George Washington. 


“Phenomenal women who have shaped American history have been ignored for far too long, especially women of color,” tweeted Democrat Marc Veasey, following the news.  

In 2016, the Obama administration decided to replace populist President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with black abolitionist Harriet Tubman, but Donald Trump abandoned the project during his term. 

Maya Angelou, born Marguerite Annie Johnsson is considered the most emblematic author of the condition of African-Americans in the United States. She was an important figure in the American civil rights movement and became an iconic figure in cultural and political life in the United States. 

Maya Angelou is known mainly for her poetry and especially her novel “I know why the bird sings in a cage” published in 1969 which allowed her to be famous. Barack Obama awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2010. 

In this series of honor, there remains the astronaut and physicist Sally Ride, the politician and activist of Hispanic origin Nina Otero-Warren, or Wilma Mankiller, the first Native American to have occupied the head of the Cherokee Nation. 

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