The team of the “reading” theater festival is heading for a 6th edition

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 This year the 6th edition of the “reading” theater festival will indeed take place and will be held from December 13 to 19, 2021, around the theme: “Elsewhere, East of Miami… or the rationalities of a disturbing migration . ". 

Each year, since 2016, “By reading” offers the festival of contemporary dramaturgy. This year again, the 6th edition will be held from December 13 to 19, 2021, and will take place around the theme: “Elsewhere in the East of Miami… or the rationalities of a disturbing migration”, a choice that reflects the social situation and migration that Haiti has been experiencing for some time. 

Indeed, during a press conference held this Thursday, December 2, 2021 at the Art Center, the artistic director of this cultural event, Guerisme Eliezer, made public the program of the festival, which he paraded in a brief reading, specifying the date and places of each show as well as the conditions of access. 

“This year the festival has innovated, a ticket office is available, festival-goers can get tickets. Because this year some events are paying, some are at the price of 200 gourdes, and Tranzit the concert of Gaëlle Bien-aime is at the price of 500 gourdes. »Informed the artistic director, who continued in the same vein as« A pass is available at the price of 1000 gourdes, it gives access to all paid events. As for free events, you should always call the available numbers to reserve your place. " 

He also said that all the activities that are part of this great theatrical event will not take place in the same place. However, a set of sites has already been selected for this 6th edition: such as the Center d'Art, Piment Rouge, Yanvalou, Kay papi Jean to name just a few, in order to enhance the sparkle of this festivity. , the public is invited to make their reservation one week before the dates selected by passing through the spaces mentioned. 


As part of this great artistic meeting, of contemporary dramaturgy, the menu will indeed be marked by diversity. Indeed, the public is invited to participate in a series of outstanding events, and to begin with, the screening of a documentary directed by Réginal Louissaint Junior will be part of the party, as well as photographic exhibitions, talks, reading-shows. , talk-performance etc. 

Reginald Louissaint

Note that the first edition of the reading theater festival was devoted to the work of one of the greatest contemporary playwrights, Bernard Marie-Koltès, an author with a powerful work that reflects through these themes the incandescence of the 70s. 80, the second edition featuring the tenors of the Théâtre de l'Absurde including Beckett, Ionesco and Genet, the third when it was offered around the work of the Franco-Haitian playwright Jean-René Lemoine, the fourth edition was entirely devoted to the adaptation of the monologues, the fifth edition, was devoted to promoting the complete work of the Haitian author Guy Regis Junior, and this year the 6th edition will be devoted to exile and migration




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