The bodies of the two journalists killed in Laboule 12 were recovered 

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The bodies of the two journalists, killed by gunfire from armed bandits at La Boule 12, were recovered on the morning of January 7 by the police after the finding of the justice of the peace.  

The bodies of John Wesley Amady, working for the online media Écoute Fm, and Wilguens Louissaint were lifted: Several bullet holes were noticed on the bodies of the victims, according to information received by our daily. The lifting of the bodies was carried out in the presence of several colleagues from the press. 


The journalists were leaving to report at La Boule 12 in the stronghold of Ti Makak when another rival group attacked the gang at Ti Makak. They were hit by several bullets. 

Another journalist by the name Wilmane Vil was there, but the latter narrowly escaped the onslaught of the other gang. 

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