Dominicans absent on the world list of big “zizi”  

Following a study carried out on the size of the penises of men from 86 countries around the world, the verdict is in and our Dominican neighbors are unfortunately absent from the list of the most imposing penises by their size in the world. And the blessing has apparently fallen on the other side of their border, in Haiti, since the Haitians are ranked fifth among the victors.  

The study found that men in Haiti have an average erect penis size of 6.30 inches. They are, however, dominated by Ecuadorians (6.93 inches), Cameroonians, Bolivians and Sudanese. 

Also, on this list are French, Americans, Israelis, Afghans, Indians, Spaniards, Ukrainians, Bolivians, Sudanese, Cubans, among others. 

 “To measure the circumference, we usually take the circumference at the root. In some studies, instead, glans circumference was measured, so this information would be highly contradictory and, therefore, was not included in the assessment,” World Data detailed.  

He points out that “a man's penis size is determined primarily by genetics rather than geography. Studies also show that good nutrition during the early years and adolescence is also important for healthy development.” 

Recall that on the list of men who have a small member is Burma at 4.1 inches; Taiwan with 4.24; the Philippines with 4.27; Sri Lanka with 4.29; Hong Kong with 4.41; Bangladesh with 4.41; Thailand with 4.51; Vietnam with 4.52 and Malaysia with 4.52. Would the Dominican Republic fall under this category? 



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