Moncash service users can now receive money transfers from abroad 

Thanks to a partnership with Prism transfer, a company specializing in international money transfers, the MonCash service can be used in the United States, Canada, Chile, Brazil and France, for money transfers in Haiti.

At first, this service only allowed users living in Haiti to make transfers, some time later, it could be used in the Dominican Republic. Now the service is expanding even further.

In order to expand the possibility of transfers offered by MonCash, Digicel, parent of this service, allows friends and families living in foreign lands to make transfers for their loved ones in Haiti directly to their MonCash accounts, provided that these latter are expanded and that users accept that the transfer is made to their wallet. To do this, they must dial *202# and select option 6 or do so directly on the service application.

According to the director of the Moncash service, Nataelle Chavenet, this added functionality aims to create a more inclusive environment in order to allow users to use the funds received in real time and without moving.

Transfers from abroad to MonCash accounts in Haiti can be made via the companies Ria, Relitl worldRemit, boss revolution (USA), TapTap (USA), sendwave, Girofacil, uno Money transfers, more money and Orange money.

For the launch, any user who receives a transfer from abroad will get a mobile recharge of 200 gourdes, on their promotional account.

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