The former manager of Roody Rood Boy, Joslord Elminus comes out of his silence  

The former manager of Roody Rood Boy, Joslord Elminus comes out of his silence  

After being released on May 6, in an extraordinary habeas corpus hearing, Joslord Elmilus, the former manager of the artist Roody Rood Boy finally comes to a conclusion, by a press release, in which he addresses his family and his friends who supported him during his incarceration and to the artist he once represented.  

“Sunday, April 24, 2022 has just entered as a black day in the calendar of my life when I had the impression of being trapped in the middle of a horror film whose outcome seemed to me totally uncertain." explains the one who wishes to shed some light on the story. 

Recounting at first glance how the day of April 24 was the worst of his life, being accused of having carried out irregular transactions on a bank account, of which he and Roody Roodboy were the co-managers, Mr. Elmilus does not want all the same not, to prove his innocence via social networks. For that he trusts the justice of his country, which will take care, he says, to shed light on the file. 

“It would be inappropriate to prove my innocence on this white page via social networks, far from my intention, but my only guarantee is that the truth will be made on this file. The culprits will be punished and the justice of my country will prove my innocence and my loyalty.” 

He thanks Roody, who he says was a friend-collaborator and whose son he was godfather, for what he describes as the chalice of bitterness and the cup of hemlock he narrowly escaped. He also thanks him for the wasted nights, his tainted honor and the trust placed in him in the past, but nevertheless issues a warning for the future. 


“Today our paths diverge. I am no longer your Manager, but some of the bonds we have forged will require you to report to my godson on the 13 days of arbitrary imprisonment of his godfather. Because nothing can hide from him the court decision that will result from this case and which will remain engraved in the annals of history. Once again thank you dear friend! “ 

Speaking to his family and friends, Joslord Elmilus said he was overwhelmed by their unconditional support during the 13 days in police custody, until his release on May 6. He shows them all his gratitude, and says he is grateful to the police officers, the press, the justice of his country, and his lawyer. 

“Finally, the curtain is up, the page is turned with all its consequences, but above all its contribution in terms of maturity and experience. I would be remiss if I did not assure you that this case, with all the harm it has caused me, in no way affects the values of forgiveness and self-transcendence that I carry within me. he continued, saying he was more determined than ever, because the crown of life is mostly reserved for those who struggle. 

“Kreyon listwa pa gen lank, pawòl truth a ap kontinye pale! ” concluded the ex-manager. 

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