MENJS takes action against people with disabilities 

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The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated on December 3 around the theme “Commit to building a more inclusive society where all can develop and use their capacity.” He emphasizes that together, it is possible to make a difference to build a more inclusive society. On this occasion, the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports (MENJS), is mobilizing alongside large associations and its partners to promote and relay actions in schools and schools. 

In Haiti, people with disabilities live in extremely difficult conditions. They do not fully enjoy fundamental rights such as: the right to life, education, security, integrity and freedom, the right to respect for their dignity, honor and reputation, among others . They are most often marginalized, stigmatized and are very vulnerable. Their integration into society is a real struggle on the political, social, cultural, educational level among others. 

Following this situation, this year the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports is mobilizing alongside large associations and its partners to stimulate and relay actions in schools and educational establishments which aim to:  

Sensitize public opinion, the educational community and all students to the challenges of the education of disabled students. 

Promote and promote the local actions carried out on a daily basis by associations and the educational community. These actions make it possible to offer all disabled students a chance to succeed. 

Raising awareness of the issue of disability and establishing dialogue among students and educational teams specifies the MENJS. 

As a reminder, this day has been celebrated on December 3 of each year throughout the world since its proclamation in 1992 by resolution 47/3 of the United Nations General Assembly. It aims to promote awareness-raising actions on disability-related issues and to draw attention to the advantages of an inclusive and accessible society. 

For now, people with disabilities do not have a representative in government, as Prime Minister Ariel Henry had terminated the post of Secretary of State. This vulnerable group of people no longer know who to turn to in case of need. 

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