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No, not all women bleed the first time they have sex.


Generally virginity is a theme that is used to talk about a person who has not had sexual relations. Nevertheless, we are much more interested in the virginity of girls than that of boys. A girl is a virgin when the blood comes out during the first sexual intercourse! The experts have given a formal denial to this alienation which tears love relationships apart. 

A girl loses her virginity when she has had penetrative sex. "Without penetration, a young girl remains a virgin," said a sexologist, Catherine Solano in response to Internet users who are wondering about the subject. 

There is nothing to do with the truth, this thought that makes it seem like all girls bleed the moment they have sex for the first time. At least a third of the girls do not bleed during this one. Several reasons can explain the non-bleeding of a girl during a first sexual intercourse, explains the expert. 

First of all the loss of virginity is determined by the entry into the sexual life, for the female sex it appeared when the “hymen” is broken (vulgarly). 

The hymen is a thin membrane that partially closes the vaginal opening, about 1cm from the entrance to the vagina. Obturation is only partial in order to allow the flow of menstruation. It has no physiological utility. It is the embryonic remnant of the membrane that originally separated the two parts of the vagina of different embryonic origin, according to an academic definition. 

From an anatomical point of view 

Some girls are born without a hymen, so it is impossible for them to be bled during sexual intercourse, says the sexologist. Others are born with a very open but that says it won't tear up the first time. 


Of course, there are those girls who also have a fairly elastic hymen that can promote penetration without hurting or bleeding. 

Beyond the anatomical reasons raised, the hymen can be torn by the placement of a tampon or by the introduction of a finger into the vagina. 

People tend to confuse virginity with an intact hymen, continued Catherine Solano. The fact of not bleeding at the time of the first sexual act does not mean that one is not a virgin. 

A girl can still be a virgin even without bleeding the first time she has sex. 

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