“Nou vle tounen lekòl”, the students of Martissant celebrated the Bicolor Festival in a special way 

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Since the outbreak of this gang war in Martissant on June 1, 2021, schools have been severely affected by this revolting situation. Between the many families who had forced themselves to abandon everything and flee the combat zones, the schools also had to close their doors, unable to risk the lives of these children who graciously managed to escape under the bullets from the thugs of the third precinct. 

This May 18, like all other national holidays, between the attachment to a glorious past and the hope of a better world for future generations, Haitians proudly celebrate this majestic story that their valiant heroes have left them. For this 219th year of the creation of the bicolor, the highlight of this day was not the official celebration carried out in Arcahaie, nor those carried out in the other municipalities of the country, such as Cap-Haitien, Les Cayes , etc., the children of Martissant took to the streets on Tuesday to demand the reopening of schools in this area, eleven months after they were closed due to gang terrorism. 

Eleven months after Martissant became a totally lawless zone, the pupils of the National School Republic of Peru, as well as others from schools in this same agglomeration, traveled the national road number 2-abandoned by the highest state authorities since the beginning of the clashes- to demand life in Martissant, particularly the functioning of schools in this area. 

On the same occasion, the National School Republic of Peru welcomed for the first time, since June 2021, more than a hundred students who have not been able to attend this space for about a year that this area has was taken hostage by bandits from Grand-Ravines, Ti Bwa and Village de Dieu. 

The cry “Nou vle tounen lekòl” of these adolescents (es) launched with all their might, over the hundreds of meters traveled in Martissant, this May 18, testifies to all their suffering endured during all this time spent outside their schools. The videos that were taken during the course of this activity show about a hundred schoolchildren joyfully entering the building of the National School of the Republic of Peru. Access to education is the little that these young people demand from the state authorities who, for eleven months, have preferred to leave Martissant in the pay of bandits. 

“Nou vle tounen lekòl”, this cry launched by these schoolchildren in full celebration of the flag day, marks the urgency that conditions be quickly restored so that schools can operate throughout the territory. The education of children should no longer be held hostage. 

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