Pedophilia in football in Gabon, Romain Molina strikes bare the former coach of the U17 selections

Former Gabonese U17 coach Patrick Assoumou Eyi is suspected of having committed more than a hundred sexual assaults, according to an investigation by the famous journalist, Romain Molina, published in the columns of the British newspaper the Guardian. 

In his article published on December 16, 2021, the reporter revealed that the former national Under-17 team coach, Patrick Assoumou Eyi selected the young people from the team in return for sexual favors. This investigation follows two other works already carried out by the investigator, including the case of the Haitian football federation in 2020, which resulted in the life banishment of Yves Jean Bart the former president of FHF for over twenty years. This mafia network concerning pedophilia in sport does not only concern Gabon, Afghanistan or Haiti, supports the journalist in an interview with TV5Monde. 

This is only the first part of this long investigation which goes beyond Gabonese football according to the journalist. The work cost him no less than two and a half years to elucidate the pedocriminality reigning not only in football but also in other sports disciplines such as Gabonese handball (precisely the women's section). A second part is announced in which nearly thirty names are mentioned on the same theme (pedocriminality). Many people, former players have called to tell me about their experience since the release of the said investigation, confirmed Romain Molina. 

On the other hand, testimonies are already starting to flow behind the scenes of the National Association of Professional Footballers of Gabon, said its president, Rémy Ebanéga, a former professional player. “We have young people who have started to contact us,” he said. We have started to receive testimonies. The average age we have is 20, less than 20 in any case. It is a very serious matter. And the young people who contact us today, we must support them as much as possible. This is what we are in the process of putting in place because we know that this type of testimonial will rain. Young people need to talk, but for that, they have to feel safe, ”continues Rémy Ebanéga. 


As a reminder, a first Gabonese coach Orphée Mikala has already been suspended by his club TP Akwembé for having been suspected of pedophilia following audios and written messages which began to leak where he sexually harassed children. 



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