More than $ 1 billion generated in 12 days for Spider Man No Way Home 

Released in theaters on December 15, The Last of the Spider Man Saga grossed over $ 1 billion in just 12 days. Produced by Disney and starring British star Tom Holland and American Zendaya Coleman, Spider Man no way home, with $ 467.3 million in North America and $ 587 million internationally, becomes the first film of the Covid-19 period to gain so much and in such a short time, according to the firm specializing in the film industry, exhibitor relation. 

In the past two years, no Hollywood film has broken such a record. Named as the best movie start since the pandemic, Spider Man no way home ahead The Matrix : The resurrections and The King's Man which respectively generated $ 12 million and $ 6.4 million.  

Also according to exhibitor relation, such a success of the film results from its transgenerational side because children and adults love this film: we see them come to watch it with their children, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces and in addition Spider Man, reputed to be the the most human of the superheroes, remains the most popular of them. It has been the star of playgrounds and children's bedrooms for over twenty years, with several derivative products. 

Despite the spread of the new variant of Covid-19, Omicron, deemed to be very contagious which is now disrupting the world, Spider man no way home nevertheless joined “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which achieved a similar performance in 2015, according to Variety magazine.  





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