Presidential in France: this candidate who will vote neither Macron nor Le Pen in the second round of the elections 

About 24 hours after the first round of the presidential elections took place in France, the presidential candidate under the label of the “Résistons” movement, Jean Lassalle declared that he will not vote for Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen in the second round. , scheduled for April 24. 

Unlike some of the other presidential candidates who have clearly taken a stand in this duel between these two qualified in the second rounds of the presidential elections, the deputy from Pyrénées-Atlantiques wishes to vote blank during the ballot on Sunday April 24, without choosing between Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. 

In a press release published on Monday, the deputy-candidate affirms that he does not want to influence the votes of French citizens by aligning himself with one of these two candidates in the second round. “I leave to all those who have trusted me their free choice for Sunday April 24. As for me, personally, I will vote blank, ”said Mr. Lassalle in this press release. 

Finished in 7th place in the standings of the first round of these elections with approximately one million votes, the candidate with 3.13% of the vote denounced, without any form of reserve, the behavior of the media through the polls. “Across the country, men and women did not vote as they would have liked to vote. Constrained by the useful vote, the hype of the polls and the unequal treatment of the national media”, also indicated this press release made public on the official page of this French politician.
Mr. Lassalle also mentioned the non-participation of a considerable number of voters in the April 10 election. According to the now ex-candidate for the presidency, the abstention rate of voters in the last election is much higher, compared to other previous ones. 

For his second participation in the presidential election, Jean Lassalle was able to obtain 3.13% of voters, much better than during his first candidacy in 2017 when he had only 1.21% of votes. 




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