Almost everyone will contract the Coronavirus, warns epidemiologist Anthony Fouci 

“Virtually everyone will eventually be exposed and probably infected with the Coronavirus, but if you are vaccinated and you receive the booster doses, the chances that you will get sick are very low”, declared in press conference, Wednesday, Anthony Fouci, the US government's top epidemiologist. 

Almost everyone will contract the Coronavirus sooner or later. However, the disease would be less serious thanks to vaccines and booster doses, said epidemiologist Anthony Fouci 

According to him, the fact that most people are infected with the Omicron variant, which is very dominant, does not mean that most people become seriously ill with Covid-19. Because vaccines improve protection against hospitalizations and deaths, he said. 


Through his speech, he emphasized that Covid-19, cannot be eradicated, but maintains that people will eventually live with the disease and that it will eventually be controlled through vaccines and doses. reminder. 

Remember that faced with the considerable rise of the omicron variant, the United States broke a new record on Tuesday of more than 145,000 people hospitalized in health centers. 

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