Rutshelle Guillaume launches into the cinema 

Rutshelle Guillaume nominée dans La catégorie Artiste de l'année au NRJ Antilles Music Awards

Rutshelle Guillaume will soon be playing the leading female role in a feature film called '' Vakans ''. A film which is at the origin, the idea of the Martelly brothers and which could be in theaters next year. 

Now the Haitian singer Rutshelle Guillaume will treat himself to a little experience in the 7th art. His fans will discover another facet of his talents through the film '' Vakans ''. 

Vakans is a feature film in which Rutshelle will star alongside the brothers YaniDro and Olivier Martelly. The story tells the story of three brothers who went on vacation. The older brother, a character played by Olivier Martelly, falls in love with the servant, Mariza, in this case Rutshelle. This relationship is not viewed favorably by the other brothers. 


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Rutshelle speaks of a rather rich experience. However, the public will wait until next year before living this experience and discovering the actress in her new career. 


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