Sébastien Amédée publishes his first novel: “A Weekend at Port Salut” 

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To the long list of Haitian authors, is added the name of Sébastien Amédée, this young architect and lover of letters, signs his very first novel: A weekend in Port Salut.  

The title surely evokes in your mind a weekend of joy and madness in Port Salut but make no mistake, it is about a group of friends who find themselves haunted by an evil spirit, that of an old man from the locality. And what was supposed to be a weekend of reunions and fun turns into a nightmare. 

Sébastien Amédée signs his first novel: “A Weekend at Port Salut”

Sebastien Amedee

Sébastien Amédée says he wants to make his mark in Haitian literature through Horror, a literary genre not very popular or appreciated in Haiti. According to him, this novel will immerse us in the Haitian culture by bringing together its customs, mores, legends and its spirituality. Fans of stories of evil spirits, with a macabre and creepy decor or fans of stories of Haitian voodoo, spells and incantations, you will be served. 


The author himself is a fan of horror, we understand better why his first novel is in this genre! What fascinates him in the latter is the particularity of the latter to show how the limits can be tested or even, to show up to what level a fear can arrive and what it can lead us to do, without forgetting that he also paints what can happen to someone, things that we don't know exist or that we would never think of.  

Failing to be published by a publishing house (two refused the genre and the others did not publish novels of this category) there will unfortunately be no signature sale but all those interested in the book will be able to order the book via Amazon or contact the actor directly via his instagram account

or on his cell phone 4291-1574. 

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