Security: 9 individuals mistaking themselves for soldiers of the armed forces of Haiti were apprehended 

Sécurité :  9 individus se faisant prendre pour des soldats des forces armées d'Haïti ont été appréhendé 

The National Police of Haiti carried out an operation this Wednesday, January 12, 2022, in the locality twawòch 4th rural section Aguahedionde (left bank) in Hinche in the Center department, leading to the arrest of nine people posing as soldiers of the Armed Forces of Haiti (FDH'H), according to a press release from the PNH.  

The operation was carried out by agents of the UDMO (the Departmental Unit for the Maintenance of Order) under the direction of the departmental director of the center, the police commissioner Jean Castro and the inspector of the judicial police of the department, Franclin Adolphe Junior in close collaboration with the government commissioner Me Elder Guillaume. 

During this intervention leading to the dislocation of a group who posed as soldiers of the armed forces of Haiti. Nine people were arrested, they are Jules Gason, Mulien Bulcé, Jean Claude Adrien, Noèl Sauveur, Dutoire Cherelus, Aguenot Fleguemonaire, Jonas Isaac, Noël Veniel and Bertolin Sevère. They are in custody pending prosecution. 

The individuals arrested were provided with bulletproof vests, boots, olive green uniforms, but also knives, badges and telephones, police authorities informed. 


The PNH proceeded to seize a 22 caliber firearm as well as the objects mentioned above, we read in the note. This operation was carried out in front of a justice of the peace, Me Cantave Jean under the direction of the police authorities of the department. 

The rate of insecurity is rising day by day throughout the territory, that said despite the announcement at the beginning of the week, of a first phase and the establishment of a second by the Director General ai of the PNH, Frantz Elbé, to combat insecurity. 



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