Sergio Agüero forced to hang up his crampons

Sergio Agüero was alongside the president of the Blaugranas, Juan Laporta this Wednesday morning, when speaking in front of his teammates, the leaders of the club, his family as well as the former coach of FC Barcelona Pep Guardiola. With tears in his eyes, the striker announces his retirement. 

“The purpose of this conference is to inform you that I have decided to stop playing professional football. These are very hard times, but I am very happy with the decision I made”. 

Kun was, on October 30, the victim of a malaise during the meeting between FC Barcelona and Alavès. Medical tests revealed that the player is suffering from cardiac arrhythmia. 

A cardiac arrhythmia is characterized by a chaotic propagation of electrical impulses in the heart. The latter can either beat too hard, too slowly or completely irregularly. This disease is incompatible with the practice of high-level sport, which forces Agüero to end his career as a professional footballer. However, he claims to be happy and proud of his career because since the age of 5, he has always wanted to play professional football. 

“What matters is my health because of the problem I had a month ago. I was in the hands of the doctors and they told me it was better to stop playing. I made the decision ten days ago. I tried my best to see if there was hope, but there wasn't much." 

He thanked Independiente, where he was trained, Atletico who he says bet on him when he was 18 and also the people at Manchester City and FC Barcelona, as well as the Argentina selection. 

“When Joan Laporta contacted me, it was incredible. I knew I was coming to one of the best clubs in the world and they treated me well” 

The player continued. 

He left a message to his fans on his social networks where he explains his love of football, his disappointment to drop it but with the assurance that it is the best decision for his health. 


“I always knew that I would do everything possible to have the chance to play football again but after the last exams the doctors told me to give up professional football. Their words were enough for me to make a decision. Leaving in these conditions is difficult but life is more important, I knew that from the start. One of the many things football has taught me is to turn every loss into a win and it will be no different. It's hard but it's not a tragedy.” 

Wrote Agüero stressing that he will keep the memory of this great career and all the love and affection that his various teammates have shown him. He thanks the fans who have always been by his side. 

“Your support has made me stronger”. 

Beyond the titles he has won, the Argentinian says what he cherishes the most and his greatest achievement is winning the love and respect of the footballing world. May he keep this in his heart to make him stronger for the future. 

His former clubs and teammates leave him messages of support and appreciation, like Lionel Messi, with whom he won the Copa America this year. 

“We have practically made a whole career together, we have lived wonderful moments more than each other but it has made us closer and has enlarged our friendship. I will always treasure those moments. You will always be happy, because you are someone who shares happiness and because those who love you will always be by your side” 

Sergio Agüero has played 786 games and made 426 goals and 118 assists. He won 5 Premier League titles with Manchester City, 1 Europa League, 1 UEFA Super Cup with Athletico Madrid. He only played 5 games for FC Barcelona and only scored one goal for the club. 


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