Sunrise Airways, hit by fuel shortage at Toussaint Louverture airport 

In a social media post on Monday, April 25, Sunrise Airways announced that some of their flights within Haiti may be delayed or canceled due to fuel shortages at Toussaint International Airport. Louverture. 

“Due to fuel shortages at Port-au-Prince International Airport, some of our domestic flights to Jérémie, Les Cayes and Cap-Haitien may be delayed or canceled,” the airline said. 

Les Cayes, Jérémie and Cap-Haitien, the main cities concerned by the intercity flights offered by the airline Sunrise Airways, could be considerably affected by this situation if it continues. The company mainly wants to announce to its customers that this fuel problem it is currently facing in Haiti can have unfortunate consequences on their travels between Haitian cities. 

Less than a week after announcing to the Haitian public the partnership with the Caribbean airline Air Caraïbes offering flights directly from the French capital to the Haitian cities of Jérémie, Les Cayes and Cap-Haitien, the Sunrise Airways is in large difficulties in the face of this phenomenon of aircraft fuel shortages, particularly at Toussaint Louverture airport. 

To overcome this problem, some planes departing for foreign countries are forced to go to the Dominican Republic to be able to get supplies, before going to their final destination, we learned. 

WRITING : Jacky Chery 


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