The Equalizer: Denzel Washington confirms the filming of a 3rd episode 

Never 2 without 3, the saga continues, according to actor Denzel Washington a third installment of the film, The Equalizer, will start filming during this year. The announcement was officially made by Denzel Washington.  

Inspired by the 1980s series of the same name, The Equalizer, released in 2014, highlights the story of Robert McCall (thus Denzel Washington) who tries to free a young woman from the grip of Russian gangsters.  

Another feature film, the second version of the film appears about 4 years after the great success of the 1st episode, The Equalizer 2 was not as well received as the previous version of the film, but had its share of success. In this episode, Pedro Pascal is the main villain and McCall killed Pascal's character at the end of the film, so obviously the third episode will feature a similar caliber actor as the villain.  

Antoine Fuqua, director of the previous two installments, has confirmed that he is interested in making a third film in the franchise, but nothing has been confirmed. Fuqua and Washington were busy with other activities and they didn't lean too much on a new episode of the Saga.  


Recently, Washington said that The Equalizer 3 is indeed set to begin filming this year with Fuqua attached to direct. No plot details for the film, nor synopsis have been released yet, other than that filming is officially scheduled for this year, audiences can expect more information, including announcements from casting, in the coming months.  

Taken proved it in 2008 with Liam Neeson, the market for action films starring aging Hollywood legends is huge and the franchise The Equalizer made good use of it so far. 

Washington is widely regarded as one of the most talented actors in Hollywood right now, and he's glad audiences can still see him in fun, action-oriented roles in addition to his high-profile movies. Now 70 years old, it seems likely that The Equalizer 3 will be his last incarnation of Robert McCall and that the film will serve as a farewell to the character. Denzel, it seems, does not want to follow Indiana Jones, who at 80 

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