A white supremacist kills at least 10 black people in the United States 

Photo: The New Republic

At least ten people were killed Saturday in a shooting in Buffalo, United States, and three others injured. The shooter, a young white supremacist aged just 18, identified as Payton S. Gendron. The majority of the victims are African Americans.   

Armed with an assault rifle, a bulletproof vest, a military-style outfit, a helmet and a camera to broadcast his crime on the internet, particularly on the Twitch platform – the criminal traveled more than 300 kilometers by car to perpetrate his act. 

Two minutes after its live broadcast, the content was deleted by the American social network Twitch, which belongs to the Amazon group.  

The criminal is from Conklin, a small town in rural southern New York State. He traveled more than 300 kilometers by car to arrive in Buffalo. 

He started shooting at four people in the parking lot of a Tops chain supermarket around 2:30 p.m. Three of them died instantly, the other was injured. 

Payton then enters the store, which is busy on Saturday afternoons, to continue his carnage. He had made an inspection of the premises the day before his act, informed the municipal authorities.  


A member of the security service and also a retired police officer – Aaron Salter, had intervened by targeting the young gunman. Equipped with his vest, the assailant was hit but not injured. Being protected, he retaliated and shot the former policeman. 

Salter's bravery was praised by Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia. 

Following his mass murder, the teenager had threatened to end his life with his weapon, then gave up. He was arrested by the police. 

Following his carnage, charged with first degree murder, the individual pleaded not guilty, according to Craig Hannah, chief judge of the court in Buffalo City, north of NY. 

Remember that in just 24 hours the United States of America experienced 3 shootings: Buffalo, New York (10 dead, 3 injured); Houston, Texas (2 dead, 3 injured); and Laguna Woods, Calif. (1 dead, 5 injured).  

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