A training session on corruption offenses organized by the ULCC for journalists 

Photo: ULCC

The Anti-Corruption Unit (ULCC) organized this Tuesday, May 17, 2022, a training session for journalists with the aim of involving the Press more in the fight against corruption. 

In the presence of the director general of the ULCC, Hans Jacques Ludwig Joseph, journalists coming mainly from the metropolitan region, attended this training session during the day of May 17, around the themes: Offense of corruption and Free access to 'information. 

According to ULCC officials, this initiative was taken with the aim of having "a press that is better supervised and trained on the theme of corruption and will actively and effectively play its essential and indispensable role in achieving good governance and admissibility”. 


Well before the holding of this activity, Me Hans Jacques Ludwig Joseph had recalled the importance of the press in the national integrity system. “La Presse is an important player in the National Integrity System (SNI). As a result, journalists must be well equipped on the theme of corruption in order to effectively carry out their citizen control”, we can read on the social accounts of the director of the ULCC. 

It should be noted that the journalists benefiting from this training session had received an invitation from the Anti-Corruption Unit to take part. At the end of this activity, a certificate was given to each of the participants. 

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