A statue of Dany Laferrière inside the Grévin Museum in Paris

The Grévin Museum in Paris released a press release on January 25, according to which it informs that the writer Dany Laferrière is now found in a wax version within the walls of the museum.

According to said press release, the novelist Dany Laferrière enters the Grévin Museum as a wax statue. As lore portends, the writer himself chose the outfit for its statuesque immortalization and proved to be very involved in the creation of its new depiction.

The museum establishes that the creation of this frozen character of the novelist is the result of six months of work. The author of L'Énigme du retour, his novel which received the 2009 Prix Médicis, took great pleasure in participating in the creation of his double. The establishment specifies, among other things, that from the first meeting, Dany lent himself to the game of photos, videos, 3D image captures, face and body measurements and hand molding.

As for the second appointment, the writer confronted the model and the modeling. Continuing the adventure, after several months of work, that is to say six months, the final details such as the hairstyle and the facial makeup, have been verified, the statement said.

Writer, poet, novelist, Dany Laferrière is a name that arouses much admiration in the Haitian intellectual and student class for his works. Author of numerous works which have earned him a certain number of distinctions. Dany wrote: How to make love with a nigger without getting tired (1985), Country without a hat (1996), The Smell of Coffee, to name but a few.

The wax statue of the Haitian pride icon was made by Claus Velte and teams from the museum's workshops.

Note that this is not the first time that a Grévin has drawn a statue of the writer. In 2015, the Grévin museum in Montreal was devoured by a statue of our beautiful soul, before closing its doors last September due to COVID-19.

Also note that a ceremony is planned to inaugurate the statue in the presence of Christine Orban, member of the Grévin Academy, before visitors can contemplate it, on February 2.

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