Venus Williams, 41 and still a virgin 

American tennis player Venus Williams, sister of legendary tennis player Serena Williams, made a most unusual announcement during a recent interview and panicked the web following this statement about her sex life. While she is 41 years old, the athlete explained that she still preserves her virginity. 

Incredible but true, that such a beautiful and attractive woman is still a virgin in the middle of the 21st century. To dispel any suspicion that she might be a lesbian, the athlete made it clear that she is not attracted to women, so she is not a lesbian at all. However, since birth, she has never slept with a man. 

"I'm still a virgin, I've never had an intimate relationship with a man" 

According to her explanations of Venus Williams, it is a free and personal choice to preserve her virginity until this age. 

Note that virginity is a concept relating to a person who has never had sexual relations with a man or has never had penetration by any object. 

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