10 of the most popular Haitian personalities on Instagram

In April 2020, Rutshelle Guillaume, became the most popular Haitian artist on Instagram and the first to have one million subscribers. Since then, things have evolved and now she is no longer the only one. Indeed, a study reveals more than fifteen personalities have reached this figure and some of them have even outclassed Rutshelle. Influence, popularity or paid promotion, more than 18 Haitian personalities evolving in Haiti or in foreign lands, have collected more than a million " followers on the Instagram network.

Many are the artists who put the focus on millions of subscribers on Instagram or on Facebook or millions of views of their clips on YouTube. Some of them, when they reach a million followers on Instagram, express their joy like and satisfaction like a woman reaching an orgasm. Based on this observation, the agency NetAlKole conducted a study and compiled a list of ten of the most popular public figures on the Instagram network at the time of writing this article:

10-Tony mixed – 1,109,133 subscribers

9- Florence Dure – 1,130,440 subscribers

8- Trouble Boy – 1,261,344 subscribers

7- TJo Zenny – 1,245,801 subscribers

6- Izolan – 1,319,881 subscribers

5- Atys panch – 1,457,801 subscribers

4- Roody RoodBoy – 1,494,808 subscribers

3- Rutshelle Guillaume – 1,572,069 subscribers

2- Saodj bertin – 1,913,741 subscribers

1- Blondedy Fernando – 2,021,501 subscribers

It should be noted that this list is not exhaustive, the data may be modified at any time, new subscribers or unsubscribers may increase or decrease the figures presented for each of the names in the said classification.

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